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Wrongful Death? Have you been injured and need legal help?
You've come to a passionate wrongful death and personal injury law firm with a proven record of aggressive litigation.

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Renowned Personal Injury Law Firm

The Majlessi Law Firm is a renowned wrongful death and personal injury law firm in California. Trial attorney Art Majlessi has a proven track record of aggressive litigation.

Gone are days when Beverly Hills was a lima beans ranch. Incorporated as a city in 1914, the city is home to celebrities and haute couture. Bordered by city of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills surrenders itself to heavy traffic during the day. With a population hovering around 35,000 the city has been the subject of much public interest, often over news regarding celebrities' mishaps, misfortune, and scandals. As such when a wrongful death occurs in Beverly Hills, when it involves a celebrity, it draws the attention of the national media.

Wrongful Death in Beverly Hills?

The Majlessi Law Firm is the law firm of choice in the most complex and complicated wrongful death cases in California. Wrongful death trial lawyer Art Majlessi has extensive experience in representing clients in litigation against the defendants and their insurance companies.

Are You Looking for the Best Wrongful Death Attorney in Beverly Hills?

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or criminal conduct of another you need the best wrongful death attorney on your side. The insurance companies are clever in offering what appears to be a substantial amount of money when in fact your case may worth 10 or 20 times as much, that is why you need an expert lawyer in wrongful death cases on your side. If you are looking for an aggressive wrongful death litigation attorney, contact trial attorney Art Majlessi. We believe Art Majlessi is one of the best wrongful death attorneys. Trial lawyer Art Majlessi has a proven record of excellent results, and the Majlessi Law Firm is an experienced personal injury law firm that is well known by the insurance companies for aggressive litigation and for obtaining some of the largest settlements. Call now to speak directly to trial attorney Art Majlessi. Consultation is free, and there is no obligation. All costs and expenses will be advanced by the Majlessi Law Firm. You will not be charged any fees until a recovery is made in your wrongful death case either by way of a settlement or a jury verdict. Trial lawyer Art Majlessi will meet you in person to evaluate your case and to advise you of the best approach for maximum recovery. The Majlessi Law Firm represents clients all across California. If you cannot come to us we will come to you.

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