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Street-Racing Crash - Wrongful Death - Personal Injury

Illegal street racing has become a common practice in the streets of Southern California; unfortunately, too many of said races result in accidents causing property damage, bodily injuries and even wrongful death. The city of Woodland Hills, which is in the north of part of Los Angeles, was witness to a multiple-vehicle accident yesterday November 1, 2016, in what appears to have been the result of an illegal street race. Fortunately, no deaths resulted from said accident; however, several people sustained injuries and had to be transported to a nearby hospital. One of the vehicles involved, a 2015 McLaren 650S Spider worth over $300,000, which can reach speeds of over 200 mph, was totaled. It is incredible that no fatalities resulted from this wreck in light of witnesses account of 70 to 80 mph crash in a 25 mph school zone. The same cannot be said for the street racing in Woodland Hills on June 27, 2016 which resulted in multiple fatalities.

An illegal form of auto racing street racing on public roads commonly results in wrongful death of not only the drivers but often innocent bystanders. Just today, November 2, 2016, a street racing crash involving a twenty-three-year-old and 17-year old teenager resulted in the death of a three-year old girl in Philadelphia.

History tells the story of how three American companies began to produce muscle cars, high performance cars, to boost sales to youths, and due to lack legal racing tacks, public streets became the de facto venue for racing, hence the term "street-racing". It is believed that modern street racing is rooted in Woodward Avenue, Michigan, in the 1960s.

Victims of street racing wrongful death should promptly contact a competent experienced wrongful death attorney due to the complexity of the legal issues associated with street racing wrongful deaths, i.e. insurance companies refuse to pay damages for wrongful deaths caused by street-racing crashes arguing such deaths are the consequences of intentional reckless disregard for human life for which their insureds are not covered under their insurance policies. In other words insurance companies only pay damages for wrongful deaths caused by the negligence of their insureds and not by their intentional recklessness. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a seasoned wrongful death attorney to adequately investigate the facts surrounding a street-racing crash.

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Palm Springs Tour Bus Crash - 13 Wrongful Deaths - 31 Personal Injuries

Automobile accidents are so common in Southern California that they hardly make the news, even when a wrongful death is involved, but this time was different, the worse deadly accident in California's history in so many decades with 13 dead and 31 injured. Who is to blame? No doubt the bus driver was negligent (unless he had a heart attack), he was careless and not paying adequate attention to the road and his driving. Alternatively he may have been reckless, sleeping, speeding, or even drunk driving, and thus acted with complete disregard for the safety of his passengers. However as in so many wrongful death cases other invaluable evidence comes to fore when a competent wrongful death attorney gets involved to pursue the wrongful death claims of the decedents' immediate relatives and families.

The accident was caused when the USA Holiday tour bus carrying passengers returning from a casino near the Salton Sea rammed into the rear of a semitrailer on the way home to Los Angeles. So what was the semitrailer doing at the time? It was apparently moving at a much lower speed than the tour bus. Why? The CHP officers had been slowing and stopping the traffic so that a Southern California Edison work crew could complete electrical wiring which had to cross the road way, i.e. the 10 Freeway. Probing into the cause of the accident, a capable and seasoned wrongful death attorney would diligently scrutinize the legal duty of care and whether it was breached by anyone else including the semitrailer driver, the CHP officers, and/or the Southern California Edison work crew, each of whom may have possibly contributed to the tour bus driver's negligence thus resulting in so many wrongful deaths and so many suffering from serious personal injuries. Consequently, a wrongful death trial lawyer's timely involvement is essential to the families of the victims who seek justice for the death of their loved ones.

Under the law monetary compensation is the only remedy for negligent wrongful act of a person or organization which has resulted in injury or death. The intent of the law is to make the victims whole again, in terms of money damages, however if the insurance policy of the tour bus is inadequate, which is most likely the case with 13 dead and 31 injured, reasonable attribution of liability to others, persons or entities, who may be determined to have had contributed to the cause of the accident may bring about an expeditious legal resolution to the wrongful death and personal injury claims.

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Multimillion Dollars Verdict Expected In Water Death Case

A radio station responsible for the wrongful death of a woman who was acutely intoxicated by excessive water intake would be facing a multimillion dollars verdict. Although the jury has not yet decided the final outcome of the case, the plaintiff's lawyer in the case has asked for an award of $24 to $34 million dollars. Such an award would not be a deterrant nor is it intended to be a deterant against any future reckless conduct by the defendant or others similarly situated.

The intent of the jury award would be to compensate the family of the victim for the loss they suffered, the two children and the husband of the 28-year old victim. The jury cannot consider punitive damages, an award to punish, but can raise the amount of the compensatory damages so much so that it would have the same effect, and thereby send a message out, not only to the radio station defendant but to others, to abstain from promoting such reckless contests.

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Notable Wrongful Death Cases

Few people expect to be harmed by companies that they trust. Even fewer people anticipate death from using consumer products. However, these types of cases occur with alarming regularity in our country. 

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 5,000 people per year die from food-borne illnesses. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. They were mainly caused by poor safety and quality controls. Even though the Food and Drug Administration regularly inspects food processing plants, salmonella and other bacteria slip into the country's food supply without warning.

The number of cases against companies that cause wrongful death with food is rising steadily. In the past year alone, several companies received citations for manufacturing practices that endangered the lives of consumers. The highly publicized case of the Blakely, Georgia peanut butter factory was just the tip of an iceberg set to do more damage than the one that destroyed the Titanic. Consumers must hold these companies accountable for their actions. Personal injury attorneys, not the FDA, are your best defense against this kind of wrongful death.

The Federal Trade Commission and several other federal government agencies oversee the practices of large manufacturers that produce automobile parts and accessories. However, the federal government cannot afford to inspect each tire on every production line. It is the responsibility of each company to ensure that the tires they sell to consumers are safe. Yet many tire manufacturers have created processes that make it more likely that consumers will have faulty tires on their vehicles, without a word to the public about the potential hazards. Some tire manufacturers pay their inspectors on commission, instead of a salary. This practice can result in spotty inspections, due to the inspector's preoccupation with his or her paycheck.

A tire failure or blowout at expressway speeds is usually fatal for the driver and occupants of the vehicle. Yet, every day, faulty tire construction endangers thousands of Americans, commuting to work or traveling on the interstates for business and pleasure. Wrongful death lawsuits stemming from tire defects reached into billions of dollars this century. Without personal injury attorneys, it is unlikely that tire manufacturers would offer the victims of these tragedies much more than a new set of the same tires that failed.
See details of the See details of the Bridgestone Steeltex Tires Recall at

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Wrongful Death For Surviving Family

Wrongful death attorneys can help their clients whose lives have been destroyed by negligence or intentional acts that resulted in a loved one's death.

People who have suffered from the wrongful death of a family member often tell themselves that no amount of monetary compensation will bring back their loved one. They are often in shock from the unexpected loss, but feel a need to move on instead of dwelling on the past. This is not the time to allow your own emotions to rule. The advice of a competent personal injury attorney can be crucial. Although your attorney is likely to be a compassionate person, he or she will be objective and much more conscious of the ramifications of the true consequences of your family's loss. 

If your loved one was the family breadwinner, it is unlikely that your household will ever be able to have the same level of economic security and prosperity that it enjoyed before a wrongful death. This is not a question of forgiveness or blaming a company. In these cases, wrongful death becomes an issue of economics. Will you be able to continue to pay a mortgage? Will your children be forced to give up their career aspirations because you cannot afford their college education? Should you allow your family's economic status to slide or should you consult a personal injury attorney who can help you protect your family's future.

You must consider your future and the well-being of your family when you suspect that your loved one's death was caused by negligence or other acts that qualify as wrongful death. Many states have a time limit for filing a wrongful death claim. A personal injury attorney will know how to balance your need to grieve with the ticking clock of the judicial system.

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The True Cost of Medical Malpractice That Insurance Can't Cover

Medical malpractice is usually an accident! Unfortunately, this type of accident can mean the difference between life and death. The human factor in medicine is unavoidable. People make mistakes, including your family doctor and medical facilities. The trauma of medical malpractice can have long-term physical and financial effects. You must seek advice from a qualified personal injury attorney, if you believe that you or a family member suffered a loss due to medical malpractice.  

Most people trust their doctor's advice and follow their orders. After all, most physicians are caring professionals who have years of education. They must be certified by the state in which they practice and continue their education to improve their skills. Yet, the health care system is very prone to accidents and poor judgment about health problems; this includes both chronic and acute conditions.

Misdiagnosis is a common type of medical malpractice. Autopsies revealed many of these misjudgments in cases that were not discovered during the patient's lifespan. A clear sign of this type of medical malpractice is that the prescribed treatment does not have the intended result. The patient may succumb to the undiscovered health problem while being treated for the wrong condition.

Even your neighborhood pharmacy can be negligent in taking precautions to protect your health. In 2006, the Institute of Medicine found that medication errors affect over a million people per year. Mixed up lab results can also lead to medical malpractice by physicians and medical facilities. Unnecessary or botched surgeries, staph infections, faulty sutures, misplaced instruments and more horrors await hospital patients. According to HealthGrades, nearly 200,000 people annually are victims of preventable medical errors in hospitals.

Medical malpractice claims and lawsuits usually must be filed within a specific time period after your loss or injury happens. Every state sets its own limits for filing, the statute of limitations. However, there are exceptions to the statute of limitations that the states have put in place. Only a personal injury attorney with experience in medical malpractice cases will be able to tell you if you have a winnable case and if the circumstances of your case meet the requirements of your state's time limitations. Take care of yourself and your loved ones by protecting yourself from this all too common accident – medical malpractice.

Read more about med mal cases at Medical News Today and National Academies.

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11 Year Old Girl Killed in Crosswalk Accident

The tragic death of a 11 year old girl in Glendale has lessons for us all. For those who are not aware of the accident, Meri Nalbandyan, a 6th grader from Glendale's Eleanor J. Toll Middle School, was struck by a Sports Utility Vehicle.  She was killed in front of her mother and classmates.

In today's fast-paced world of distractions, traffic congestion, and other pressures, we must do our best to take the time for safety.  In my personal injury practice I see so many cases of serious injuries and deaths that could have been prevented if we only took a little more time, in our day to day activities, to make sure that we do our best to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

There is no doubt that all parties concerned in the Glendale crosswalk accident have been devastated by what happened. But I hope that it will be a reminder for all drivers to be extra careful in school zones.  And I hope that teachers and parents will take the time to remind their children to pay extra attention to traffic not only in crosswalks, but around traffic in general.

My prayers are with the Nalbandyan family. It is a heartbreaking story by all accounts.

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