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The Majlessi Law Firm is a renowned wrongful death and personal injury law firm in California. Trial attorney Art Majlessi has a proven track record of aggressive litigation.

Getting Compensation for Product Liability Injuries

Every year, consumers suffer personal injuries caused by defective products. In recent years, some of the most widely publicized cases involved everything from defective baby cribs, overheated laptops, and dealer installed SUV tires to exploding propane grills. It is not unheard of for consumers to die from injuries caused by defective products. In some cases, the company at fault discovers the defect and issues a recall before anyone is seriously injured. However, all too often, the opposite occurs.

In the United States, consumers have excellent legal remedies when they experience a loss due to product defects. However, every consumer should consult a personal injury attorney, as soon as an injury occurs. The laws of most states do not require that the injured person prove that the manufacturer was negligent. In most states, the consumer only has to prove that the product was defective. Sounds easy enough. Yet, this can be a tricky situation for consumers to navigate without assistance from a personal injury attorney

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MTA Raises the Barriers

Usually it takes the news media's spotlight on a serious injury or accident to get government bureaucracy to do their jobs. Also the reality of a potential costly personal injury lawsuit serves as a motivation for municipalities to take steps to reduce the possibility of injuries to its citizens.

Los Angeles's transit agency, the MTA is in the process of installing safety barriers on all light rail platforms to prevent people from accidentally walking between train cars. Last year the MTA purchased new rail cars that had gaps between the cars. At the time, the Federal Transit Administration, as part of its safety certification, raised concerns about the spaces between the cars.

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