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Tire Defects & Unsafe Tires

In 2009, a Senator from Wisconsin introduced much needed legislation to make tire defect information public. The objective of this bill is to shine light on both court rulings and out-of-court settlements that have had little or no publicity. Without public notifications, these potentially dangerous tires continue to pose a threat to unsuspecting consumers. Although the public generally hears about the most well known tire defects, a surprising large percentage of tire defects and the injuries that they have already caused go virtually unnoticed. The hidden danger for consumers is enormous!

The "Sunshine Act in Litigation" will require courts to put public safety first when deciding on claims against the manufacturers of defective tires. Without this legislation, the courts can (and currently do) issue a protective order that keeps consumers and consumer advocacy groups from accessing vital information about defective tires. The courts also have the right to seal the records of these court cases, thus keeping people who already own the defective tires from finding out that they are at risk daily. Of course, unless the courts and the federal government mandate a tire recall, the manufacturers could also continue to sell the tires to more unwitting consumers. 

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