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Before reading the rest of this, please remember that only a licensed and experienced medical care professional can diagnose a brain injury. A brain injury can occur as a result of an automobile accident or any other kind of personal injury, especially if you have struck your head or have been violently jolted.

Please contact our office immediately if you or someone you love may have suffered a brain injury. In addition you must seek medical care. If you don't have a doctor we will make recommendations to you. Brain injuries do not get better by themselves and can be highly dangerous. A traumatic brain injury can lead to long lasting, irreparable, debilitating disability. Additionally, if you do not seek immediate medical attention the other side will use that to argue that you were not injured as a result of the incident that caused your injury.

Have You Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury In California?

Please discuss all your symptoms with your doctor and inform him of the accident you were just involved in. If you have struck your head, have ringing in your ears, bleeding or fluid seeping out of your ears, headaches, loss of memory or any other unusual symptoms please seek emergency care.

Our legal team will work with your doctor as well as our expert witnesses to establish your legal claim against the insurance companies. You may believe that brain injury is something that occurs only as a result of a high speed and violent collision, but this is not true. Research has shown that even low speed car accidents can cause brain injury. If you have any suspicious symptoms seek medical care immediately to rule out possible brain injury.

Brain injury can occur with a blow to the head, but can also occur without one. If you are thrown about violently the brain itself can hit the inside of your skull, causing bruising, bleeding, tearing or swelling.

A mild brain injury may not be readily apparent immediately after an accident, yet can still cause a person long lasting disabilities. If you have lost consciousness, even briefly, make sure to see a doctor immediately and notify him or her of this fact.

If a child was involved in a vehicle collision or was in any way involved in an accident where they hit their head or were jolted please seek medical care for that child. Small children have trouble articulating their symptoms, may not be aware of what has happened to them, and may not recognize their own injuries.

Symptoms of Brain Injury

Some symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Mild Injury- bad or off tastes in the mouth, behavioral or mood changes, blurred vision or eyes that seem tired all the time, dizziness or lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, lapses in memory, ringing in the ears, sleep pattern changes, or trouble concentrating or thinking.
  • Moderate Injury- convulsions or seizures, dilated pupils in one or both eyes, episodes of nausea and vomiting, headache that becomes increasingly more painful or fails to go away, heightened levels of agitation or restlessness, loss of coordination, slurred speech, trouble waking from sleep, or weakness or the feeling of numbness in one or more extremities.
  • Severe Injury- Fluids or blood seeping from the ears, loss of consciousness, stupor, or obvious physical injury to the head.

Are You Looking for the Best Brain Injury Attorney in California?

Traumatic brain injury Attorney Art Majlessi can help you vindicate your rights by getting you the maximum recovery in your traumatic brain injury case (TBI). His extensive experience in brain injury litigation makes him the best Los Angeles brain injury attorney in California.

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