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In 1857, fifty German immigrants and their families founded the City of Anaheim in California. The name Anaheim is a combination of “Ana”, taken from the Santa Ana River, and the German place name compound “heim” which is translated to mean “home”. In this context, Anaheim means “home by the Santa Ana River”. Incorporated on February 10, 1870, the Anaheim has grown progressively to become an important farming, industrial, and tourism sector in western United States. Today, Anaheim has the largest population in Orange County, California, and judging from its growth rate in the last few years, it should overtake many of the city populations in California. Unfortunately, it also means that there will also be an increase in Anaheim wrongful death cases in the near future.

Wrongful Death in Anaheim?

If your loved one has been a victim of wrongful death, a death caused by negligence of another person, you should contact a top Anaheim wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Art Majlessi is well known for handing complex and difficult wrongful death cases, recovering top dollars for the decedent's family members.

On December 11, 2009, Caesar Cruz was about to go to his children’s school to pick them up, but they never saw him again. In the high profile incident, Cruz was shot dead by Anaheim police officers at the Anaheim Plaza shopping center, just when he was getting ready to leave the Wal-Mart parking lot. Apparently, the officers were looking for an armed ex-parolee who was driving a green Chevrolet. While Cruz had a criminal record for drug possession with intent to sell, he had served his sentence, and he was not on parole. Though Cruz had a handgun in his car, his family claimed that he didn’t show any resistance. A wrongful death claim was filed against the City of Anaheim for the “police execution” of Caesar Cruz.

For Cruz’s wife, parents, and five children, his death was definitely a life-changing event. It is never easy to win a wrongful death case, and in Cruz’s case, it was certainly complicated, on many levels. This is a prefect example of why the immediate family of a wrongful death victim need to find the best wrongful death lawyer available to assist them through the legal system and to have a better chance of success, walking away from a lawsuit with the compensation that is deserved and needed to maintain the families standard of living in the absence of their loved one.

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At the Majlessi Law Firm, victim's families can be assured that they will be working with one of the most passionate attorneys in the business, that does his best for his clients, wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi. We believe Art Majlessi is one of the best wrongful death attorneys. No matter where you are wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi will pay you a visit, if you are in Anaheim, trial attorney Art Majlessi will come to Anaheim to visit you personally.

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