Pharmaceutical Liability

Defective design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products cause many deaths and injuries

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Pharmaceutical Liability

The Majlessi Law Firm holds pharmaceutical companies liable for defective design and manufacturing, failure to warn the public, and false advertising of harmful products. Pharmaceutical liability litigation is complex and requires the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned litigator.

If history is a guiding light for what we have learned through VIOXX litigation, pharmaceutical companies do actively and knowingly try to hide their malfeasance and put profit over safety by false advertising and concealment of the danger of their product very often to beat the competition in sales rather that taking corrective measures to protect the public from injurious and deadly products. Unfortunately time and time again we have seen pharmaceutical companies loyalty is to their shareholder and not to the consumers, and officers of such companies do everything, unethical and very often illegal, in their power to protect their hefty salaries and bonuses by maximizing shareholders' profits.

Currently the issue of defective design and manufacturing of products such as Talc Powder has been the focus of the judiciary, subject to several jury verdicts with indications that suggest Johnson and Johnson knew the harm of talcum powder to consumers for decades yet continued to market its products with false advertising regarding its safety.

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The Majlessi Law Firm is a top ranking renowned personal injury and wrongful death law firm. The firm employs aggressive litigation techniques to vindicate consumers rights against corporations for manufacturing dangerous products which cause injuries or death as well as individuals who cause harm with their negligent or willful conduct.

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