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When your loved one dies due to negligent act of others you suffer as well

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Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a legal term that describes the death of a person caused by the negligence or criminal act of another person or entity, i.e. a corporation or a government branch. Wrongful death can occur as a consequence of car accidents i.e. driver's negligence but it can also happen as a result of police officers' misconduct, physicians' error i.e. medical malpractice,  defective pharmaceutical products, or airliner crashes. The death can be immediate or it can take place days or months later after the commission of the wrongful deed. 

The senior trial lawyer at the Majlessi Law Firm, a top ranking California premier personal injury law firm, wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi has extensive experience in all types of wrongful death and personal injury cases. Wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi has repeatedly achieved substantial monetary recovery for the families of the deceased. If you are looking for the best catastrophic injury attorney in California contact the Majlessi Law Firm. Click here for frequently asked wrongful death questions.

Did Your Loved One Die Because of Negligence of Another in California?

It is a difficult and tragic experience when a death of a loved one of any age occurs. It is even more tragic when that person is suddenly taken from us due to the neglect of another person, company, entity or organization. The grief can be inconsolable. In addition there are the expenses of medical bills, funeral costs, and often the loss of income to the family.

The most catastrophic traffic accident in several decades happened near Palm Springs, California, on the 10 Freeway when a tour bus, a 1996 MCI bus, which was operated by USA Holiday rammed a semitrailer at around 5:17 a.m. PDT on Sunday October 23, 2016. Thirteen (13) wrongful deaths and 31 injuries were the consequence of the driver's negligent driving. Early involvement of a seasoned wrongful death attorney can make a world of difference. Although the National Transportation Safety Board investigates the cause of the crash, looking for liability elsewhere necessitates a dedicated wrongful death attorney and trial lawyer with superb knowledge of the law, for there might be others (in addition to the driver) who would have to share responsibility and be held accountable for the wrongful death of so many people. Furthermore, the insurance policy of the bus will no doubt be insufficient to make the families of the victims whole again (in the eye of the law), therefore if the trier of the facts (jury or judge) finds others liable as well as the driver, there may be more money on top of the insurance policy of the bus to be divided amongst the victims' family members. Consequently it is of grave importance that the family members of the victims retain a wrongful death attorney who would have the stamina and wherewithal to pursue liability wherever it can be found rather than hiring an attorney who would go for an easy quick settlement. Moreover, all wrongful death victims' family members should take notice of the fact that if they are not satisfied with their current wrongful death attorney's representation for any reason whatsoever they have the right to change their wrongful death attorney at any time without any additional costs to them.

If you have lost a loved one due to an accident you deserve and need an experienced wrongful death lawyer to litigate your wrongful death claim. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi, at the Majlessi Law Firm, is a compassionate attorney who is understanding of your grief and will do his best to provide you with aggressive and unrelenting advocacy in litigation of your wrongful death matter. Wrongful death lawyer and trial attorney Art Majlessi can help you obtain the compensation you need to help you through these difficult times. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi has a legal team which will build a case with the supporting evidence to get you the compensation you deserve, and to vindicate your rights under the law either through settlement or jury verdict - wrongful death jury trial. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi has successfully represented many clients in their wrongful death and survival action claims. We consider the Majlessi Law Firm to be one of the best wrongful death law firms in California, and Art Majlessi as one of the most accomplished and experienced attorney in California. So whether you need a San Francisco wrongful death attorney or Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, you owe it to your self to contact the Majlessi Law Firm.

Are Looking for the Best Wrongful Death Attorney in California?

Wrongful death litigation is fraught with difficulty due to insurance companies provocative claim-handling procedures. You, therefore, need the most dedicated wrongful death attorney to represent you. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi is an expert with the contours of wrongful death litigation, he knows which buttons to push and how far to go to get the best money from the insurance companies.

Personal injury lawyer Art Majlessi is compassionate in your hour of need, as well as professional, and an expert in representing you in your wrongful death case. Wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi will fight for you relentlessly. Wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi can evaluate your wrongful death case at no cost or obligation to you. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi is one of the most successful trial attorneys and one of the best wrongful death lawyers in California.

All expenses and costs will be advanced by the Majlessi Law Firm. There is no charge until a recovery is made in your wrongful death case. Attorney Art Majlessi will meet you in person to discuss your wrongful death claim and survival action. Attorney Art Majlessi is the most competent lawyer to handle your wrongful death case. Discuss your wrongful death case with trial lawyer Art Majlessi in person and you will agree without a doubt that wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi is the best lawyer for litigating your wrongful death case.

Even if you are currently being represented, we can take over your case and represent you at no additional costs to you. Be mindful of the fact that you need to make the best decisions in your wrongful death case to receive the best compensation beginning with hiring the best possible attorney to have the best possible outcome in you wrongful death case. Indubitably you will take comfort in being represented by the most respected wrongful death lawyer in California. We believe attorney Art Majlessi is the best wrongful death attorney and trial lawyer in California. Art Majlessi can help you vindicate your rights by getting you the maximum possible recovery in your wrongful death case. We look forward to hearing from you.

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