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A wrongful death refers to the tragic passing of an individual due to the negligent or criminal actions of another party, be it a person, corporation, or government entity. This devastating event can stem from various circumstances, including car accidents caused by a driver's negligence, police misconduct, medical malpractice by healthcare professionals, defective pharmaceutical products, or even airliner crashes. The resulting fatality may be immediate or occur days, weeks, or months after the wrongful action took place.

At the Majlessi Law Firm, a leading California personal injury law firm, our senior trial lawyer and wrongful death attorney, Art Majlessi, possesses a wealth of expertise in handling a wide range of wrongful death and personal injury cases. Through unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of justice, attorney Art Majlessi has consistently secured significant financial compensation for the families of the deceased, helping them to navigate the trying aftermath of their loss. If you seek a top-tier catastrophic injury attorney in California, look no further than the Majlessi Law Firm. We believe attorney Art Majlessi is the best wrongful death attorney and trial lawyer in California.
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Has a Loved One's Life Been Cut Short Due to Another's Negligence in California?

Experiencing the death of a loved one is an incredibly painful and challenging ordeal, made even more heart-wrenching when the loss occurs suddenly due to the negligence of a person, company, or organization. The grief can be overwhelming, and the financial burdens that accompany such a tragedy, including medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of income, can further strain the family.

The disastrous traffic accident on October 23, 2016, near Palm Springs, California, serves as a grim example. Thirteen lives were lost, and 31 people were injured when a tour bus, operated by USA Holiday, collided with a semitrailer on the 10 Freeway. The driver's negligent actions led to the most catastrophic traffic accident in decades. In situations like these, engaging a skilled wrongful death attorney early on can make a significant difference. Although the National Transportation Safety Board investigates the cause of such crashes, identifying additional liability requires the expertise of a dedicated wrongful death attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the law. Besides the driver, others may share responsibility and be held accountable for the tragic loss of life. It is crucial to consider that the bus's insurance policy may not be sufficient to compensate the victims' families adequately, so finding additional parties liable can provide further financial relief. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that family members of the victims retain a wrongful death attorney with the tenacity and resources to pursue liability wherever it may be, instead of settling for a quick, easy resolution.

When coping with the loss of a loved one in an accident, you deserve the support of a seasoned wrongful death lawyer to advocate for your claim. Attorney Art Majlessi of the Majlessi Law Firm is a compassionate and understanding attorney who acknowledges your grief and is committed to providing aggressive and unwavering representation for your wrongful death case. With a dedicated legal team, attorney Art Majlessi will meticulously build a case backed by strong evidence to secure the compensation you deserve and uphold your rights under the law, either through settlement or a jury trial. With a successful track record in wrongful death and survival action claims, the Majlessi Law Firm is considered one of the top wrongful death law firms in California, and attorney Art Majlessi is recognized as one of the most accomplished and experienced attorneys in the state. Whether you need a San Francisco wrongful death attorney or a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, you owe it to yourself to contact the Majlessi Law Firm for the support and guidance you need during this difficult time.

Searching for the Top Wrongful Death Attorney in California?

Navigating wrongful death litigation can be incredibly challenging due to the aggressive tactics employed by insurance companies. It is crucial to have a highly dedicated wrongful death attorney by your side to represent your interests. Attorney Art Majlessi is a leading expert in the field of wrongful death litigation, well-versed in the intricacies of the process, and skilled in securing the best possible compensation from insurance companies.

During your time of need, personal injury lawyer Art Majlessi offers both compassion and professionalism, ensuring top-quality representation in your wrongful death case. As a relentless advocate for justice, wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi will thoroughly evaluate your case at no cost or obligation to you. Boasting an impressive track record, attorney Art Majlessi is recognized as one of the most successful trial attorneys and ranks among the top wrongful death lawyers in California.

At the Majlessi Law Firm, all expenses and costs related to your case will be advanced, and no charges will be incurred until a recovery is made in your wrongful death case. Attorney Art Majlessi will personally meet with you to discuss your wrongful death claim and any related survival actions, ensuring that you have the most competent lawyer handling your case. After discussing your wrongful death case with trial lawyer Art Majlessi in person, you will undoubtedly agree that attorney Art Majlessi is the ideal choice for litigating your case.

If you are already represented, we can take over your case and provide representation at no additional cost to you. It's essential to make well-informed decisions in your wrongful death case to secure the best possible compensation, starting with hiring the most qualified attorney to achieve the best possible outcome. You will find solace in being represented by one of the most respected wrongful death lawyers in California. We firmly believe that attorney Art Majlessi is the premier wrongful death attorney and trial lawyer in the state. Let Art Majlessi help you uphold your rights and obtain the maximum possible recovery in your wrongful death case. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Who can file a lawsuit for wrongful death?



The deceased person's surviving spouse or domestic partner.


The deceased person's surviving children.

Parents or Siblings

If there is no surviving spouse, domestic partner, or child, any individual who would be entitled to the deceased person's property by intestate succession may bring a claim (such as the deceased person's parents or siblings).

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