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Auto Product Liability

An auto accident can result in serious injuries as well as pain and suffering.  Too often when there is an auto accident the injuries can be made worse because of a defective vehicle part or overall design flaws in the automobile.  Sometimes even safety devices which are supposed to protect the driver and passengers malfunction during an accident. 

When you contact our offices we will investigate the accident thoroughly including the possibility of suing the auto manufacturer or its suppliers if their defective or malfunctioning parts increased your injuries or caused death.  That is why it is important that you contact The Majlessi Law Firm as soon as possible after an auto accident, for a free consultation about your legal options.

Because auto accidents is one of or main specialties, we don't limit our investigations to only the conduct of the other driver. We investigate to see if there were other circumstances involved in the injuries or death. If we determine that the vehicle manufacturer was also at fault we include them in the lawsuit.

  • Airbag malfunction
  • Seat-belt malfunction
  • Windshield glass breakage
  • Overall structural weakness
  • Mistakes in the installation of the vehicle roof
  • Separation of tread in tires
  • Defective child safety seats

Being involved in a vehicle accident is a traumatic experience both physically and emotionally. And when manufacturers make the accident worse because of a product defect, they need to be held liable for your injuries. So in addition to filing a lawsuit against the other driver, we will determine if suing the vehicle manufacturer is appropriate. This could be the other driver's vehicle or your own vehicle.  Filing an additional lawsuit against the manufacturer is worthwhile because not only will you be justly compensated for your injuries, it will also help make vehicles safer overall. And by suing the manufacturer in addition to the other driver, if appropriate, the compensation for your injuries will be greater to cover your medical expenses and other loses.

For a free consultation about your options in an automobile product liability case contact us today.

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