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Train Accidents

One of the most high profile accidents in the United States happened in Glendale in 2005. While the accident was classified as a train crash, it actually involved a train-vehicle collision. On January 26, Juan Manuel Alvarez had parked his Jeep Cherokee Sport utility vehicle on the tracks, supposedly trying to commit suicide. Failing miserably, he caused the deaths of 11 innocent commuters. In 2008, Alvarez was sentenced to serve 11 consecutive life terms in prison. More and more people are taking advantage of trains for their commercial and recreational travel needs.  However those same trains are often not well maintained, or are operated by overworked conductors and other employees.  Because of this there is an increase in train accident injuries.

If you've been injured in a train accident or MetroLink you deserve to be represented by an experienced personal injury train accident attorney at the Majlessi Law Firm. Trial attorney Art Majlessi is an experienced personal injury attorney with years of successfully winning personal injury cases.

The United States has a huge rail system which has been built over the past centuries.  While there have been some upgrades to the system, much of it is in serious disrepair. In addition, in order to save costs, there is less personnel operating the trains.  Older, more experienced employees have been replaced by less experienced personnel.  All of this means that when you take the train you are needlessly risking your life because of cost-cutting. Most legal experts agree that the Metrolink accident could have been prevented and that it was caused by operator error.  It was a terrible tragedy that never should have happened.

While all modes of transportation have an element of risk, train accidents can result in particularly serious accidents, including maiming, disfigurement and even death.  It may surprise the traveling public to know that every hour there is a train accident, collision or derailment.  Over a thousand people a year are killed every year in train accidents.

Train accidents have many causes, including operator fatigue and distraction (which appears to be the cause of the Los Angeles MetroLink accident), speeding too fast, switches that are not properly aligned, and many other causes.

One would think that passenger safety would be the highest priority of the companies and agencies that operate our rail system. Preventing train accidents should be one of the most important functions of the organizations that run our nation's rail systems.  But that is not the case.  Most train operators are only concerned with cutting costs.

Even worse, when you are injured in a train accident, the attorneys and insurance companies representing the train companies are not concerned about your recovery and well-being.  They want to settle your case as cheaply as possible.  If you have an attorney who is not willing to take your train accident case to court then the insurance companies will offer you a very small settlement.  The Majlessi Law firm is well known by personal injury insurance companies. They know that trail attorney Art Majlessi will not hesitate to take cases to court, and get a substantial jury verdict award.  Trial attorney Art Majlessi knows how to aggressively present your case to a jury to get you the most money.

If you, a loved one, or a friend has been injured due to train accident, please contact us the Majlessi Law Firm immediately.  Consultation is free, there is no obligation. You will not be charged any fees until there is a recovery in your personal injury case (train accident case). All costs and expenses will be advanced by the Majlessi Law Firm. Call now to speak directly with attorney Art Majlessi. Trial lawyer Art Majlessi will meet you in person to discuss and evaluate your injury case.

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