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Within Kern County at the southern part of the Central Valley exists a vibrant city with a diverse economy and a population about 375000 (total urban area population is about 464000); Bakersfield ranks the 9th largest city in California and is the county seat for Kern County. Not only Kern County is known for its oil industry but also it is famous and well known for its agricultural produce, which is considered to be the most productive agricultural county in the United States. With close to a million the population of the Kern County has its share of problems relating to wrongful death. Wrongful death is a legal term which connotes untimely death of a person due to the wrongful act, negligence or criminal, of another person or organization, corporation, etc.

Wrongful Death in Bakersfield?

The fact of the matter is when a loved one dies, especially when the decedent is a child or an spouse, one's life becomes a convoluted series of misapprehensions and confusions, you don't know who to turn to, you become paralyze to the extent that you will not even care for your own well being, your responsibilities to yourself, your family, and your job are ignored. At this juncture an honest, caring, passionate attorney would be an invaluable wonderful addition to the circle of supporting people around you who would be able to help you to get back on your feet again. A wrongful death attorney, a trial lawyer that handles death claims, can bring the justice to the doorsteps of the criminal or the negligent person or entity who caused the wrongful death of your loved one. A wrongful death maybe the result of a negligent driver, drunk driver, police misconduct, hospital staff's negligence, medical doctor's negligence and many more types of wrongful acts including criminal acts such as burglary and robbery, etc.

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Consider being represented by one of the most prominent wrongful death attorneys in California. The Majlessi Law Firm is led by the renowned wrongful death trial lawyer Art Majlessi. We believe, as no doubt many of our satisfied clients do, attorney Art Majlessi is by far the best wrongful death attorney in California. Insurance companies and defense lawyers are well aware of the aggressive litigation nature of wrongful death lawyer Art Majlessi. Many a times the cases are settled for huge amounts of money because Insurance companies are loath to face the most capable wrongful death attorney in court. Trial attorney Art Majlessi litigates cases across California. Clients' cases are accepted no matter where they are located in California, whether in a small town or a major metropolitan oasis your wrongful death case gets the same thoughtful attention that it deserves as any other media attention grabbing wrongful death case. All expenses are advanced by wrongful death law firm of attorney Art Majlessi. You do not have to pay a penny until such time that there is a monetary recovery. The Majlessi Law Firm will pay all expert fees and litigation costs for your wrongful death lawsuit. You can discuss your wrongful death case directly with Wrongful death trial attorney Art Majlessi. Be advised that even if you are currently being represented by a lawyer you have the right to change your attorney at no additional costs to you. The Majlessi Law Firm will manage a smooth transfer of your wrongful death file from your former attorney, and will immediately begin an aggressive and relentless pursuit of justice on your behalf by timely imposing liability on the negligent or criminal defendants to hold them accountable for the irreparable harm they caused. Wrongful death attorney Art Majlessi will meet with you in person to discuss your wrongful death case and will advise you as to the best course action which would culminate in a successful outcome with substantial monetary recovery, including other remedies permitted under the law.

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