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Continental Airlines - Compensation Depends on Many Factors

It is a relief to know that there were apparently no fatalities from the recent Continental Airlines flight 1404 that crashed on takeoff. First of all, I want to join with the passengers in honoring the flight attendants who, according to the reports evacuated all of the passengers in the first seconds after the plane had skidded off the runway into a ravine, and caught fire.

While the investigation is still continuing as to the exact cause of the crash, I would like to address myself to the many questions regarding compensation to those who are involved in an airline crash.

First of all many people are not aware of certain limitations for those involved in a domestic airline crash. Therefore it is imperative to contact an aviation lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

Even if you are not injured in an aviation accident, just being a participant in a situation where you are emotionally traumatized because of eminent fear of death or injury, meansyour would most certainly be due compensation from those responsible for the accident.

For some people being involved in an airline crash can be a life changing experience, causing severe emotional distress that can follow you the remainder of your life, affecting your personal relationships, your job and your overall outlook on life. The question is, so far as monetary damage, who should get more money - someone who has been physically injured or someone who is emotionally traumatized.

Of course each case is different, however most legal scholars would agree that what makes the real difference is whoyou select for legal representation.Most attorneys, even in a major plane crash, will settle for whatever the insurance company and the airline is willing to give.It takes an attorney who is a trial lawyer, who spares no expense preparing the case, bringing in expert witnesses, preparing multimedia presentations for the jury, and respected by the judicial system.

How much, then might someone win from an aviation accident?Well this depends on many factors, the least of which is the extent of your injuries.Depending on the case, an attorney might also sue the maintenance company, or the designer of the aircraft, and so on.Your attorney needs to be not only aggressive, but also knowledgeable in aviation law.

Complicating matters, there is a statue of limitations. And because many symptoms don't become apparent for several months, it's important that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible after the accident.

Airlines attempt to settle as quickly as possible with victims who are not represented by attorneys. Some airlines go so far as to assign a company representative to each passenger, seemingly for emotional support. In fact, these representatives' true function is to befriend the injured or distressed passenger, while discouraging them from pursing their legal rights for fair compensation. These representatives will do everything possible to discourage you from finding your own attorney, Feigning compassion, the airlines will offer you money that may seem generous - but is no where near enough months and years down the road when hidden injuries or severe post-traumatic emotional distress becomes more apparent.

So what should you do if you are involved in an aviation accident? Well first you should be thankful if you emerge from the accident without serious injuries. And the next step would be to find a qualified aviation personal injury attorney who is willing to take your case to court if that's what it takes to win the money you need.

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