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Loss or Injury Due to Big Pharma Negligence

Every day, it seems that pharmaceutical companies, agricultural producers and even pet food manufacturers neglect to take proper precautions to protect consumers from their products. If you are one of the lucky ones, you return your defective product or tainted food before you or a loved one are injured or worse.

If you don't get the recall notice in time or you have already been injured, you can take action against the company that's responsible. A personal injury attorney can help recover your losses. 

The Food and Drug Administration must approve prescription drugs before they are sold to consumers. They require rigorous testing. Yet, even prescription drugs are being recalled almost daily. Sometimes people are disabled for life, sometimes consumers suffer fatal and life-threatening health problems that have nothing to do with the condition that they took the medicine for originally. More importantly, many consumers that survive these pharmaceutical mishaps will require expensive and extensive medical treatment for the rest of their lives. They may suffer such injuries that they can no longer engage in their normal livelihoods too. 

Are you supposed to bear the expense of medical treatment for a condition of health problem caused by over the counter or prescription drugs? That hardly seems fair. Consult a personal injury attorney so that you can insure your rights when your medications result in personal injury, the loss of a loved one's life or your livelihood. Even when companies have issued recalls (and apologies), you may be facing crippling medical bills. It not enough for a drug company to withdraw its defective products from the market. And consumers who have been injured by improperly tested pharmaceuticals can't pay their medical bills with an apology. 

Even when other consumers or watchdog groups file class action suits against negligent corporations, you must know if your injuries and your losses are greater than those that others have experienced. Be sure that you protect yourself and your loved ones from negligence by consulting a personal injury attorney as soon as you realize that taking an over the counter or prescription medication has had unintended effects on your health.

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