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Top Dollars In Courtrooms

It is no surprise to trial attorneys that insurance companies hire the best experts to fight injury victims in court.  However, this is not readily known to the general public who make the jury pool.  A personal injury victim who has suffered serious injuries often finds herself in a courtroom with numerous insurance company experts - hired guns – whose job is to cast doubt on her injuries. 

Jurors are heavily influenced by these deceptive experts.  Returning unfavorable verdicts because their prejudices have been prayed on; creating a smoke screen to shield injured victims suffering from the juries consideration is the ultimate task for which heavy sums are paid by insurance companies - handsome rewards that guarantee repeated performance by the insurance company experts. 

Although the law guarantees a right for compensation for damages and pain and suffering, in reality such guarantee is fleeting and a rarity to obtain.  Unless injuries are serious enough for a personal injury lawyer to heavily invest in expert witnesses, who may or may not be a match to insurance companies’ experts, personal injury victims will not find representation to vindicate their rights in a court of law. 

All is needed is four jurors to get a defense verdict.  While a personal injury victim must strive to convince nine out of twelve jurors to achieve a wining result, an insurance company only needs to convince four members of the jury that the victim’s claim is illegitimate.  Unfortunately, for an injured party, jurors are easily convinced that suit has allegedly been brought for a secondary monetary gain.  Not realizing that they too one day may occupy the victim’s chair as a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, unwitting jurors readily without any hesitation pass judgment for the benefit of the insurance companies.

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