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Why Hiring a Trial Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case is a Game-Changer

When seeking the best personal injury attorney online, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and be well-prepared before initiating your search. Begin by understanding the specific type of lawyer you need to manage your case.

For instance, if you desire a swift resolution to your case without engaging in litigation – that is, avoiding the need to file a lawsuit and go through court procedures such as depositions, interrogatories, and motions – you may want to focus your search on non-trial attorneys. These lawyers typically do not engage in court trials; instead, they refer cases to trial attorneys for litigation when necessary. In the United Kingdom, non-trial lawyers are known as Solicitors, while trial lawyers are referred to as Barristers.

However, if your case involves severe injuries like brain damage, amputation, paralysis, or even wrongful death, it would be more strategic to seek a trial lawyer. These attorneys are equipped to prepare your case for trial from the onset and are willing to navigate the lengthy court processes that may take years to reach a resolution, either through a jury verdict or a settlement during litigation.

It is important to note that many personal injury trial lawyers may be unwilling to take on cases involving minor injuries or non-serious incidents. In such situations, you may need to either represent yourself in a small claims court, where attorney representation is not allowed, or engage the services of a non-trial lawyer who can guide you through the insurance claims process. By understanding your specific needs and conducting proper research, you can find the most suitable personal injury attorney to handle your case effectively.

Bear in mind that a personal injury trial attorney can still settle your case without resorting to litigation if a reasonable offer is presented during the insurance claims process or even amid litigation of your personal injury case. For serious injury cases, it is recommended that you search the internet for a skilled personal injury trial lawyer.

If you initially entrust your injury case to a non-trial attorney, they may have to refer your case to a trial lawyer for further action if a settlement is not reached. In such a scenario, the trial attorney would need to share their fees with your original lawyer. Therefore, starting your serious injury or wrongful death case with a trial lawyer offers two distinct advantages.

Firstly, your case will be prepared for trial from the beginning, minimizing the risk of missteps or delays. This proactive approach can increase the likelihood of reaching a favorable settlement, thus avoiding lengthy litigation. In other words, starting with a trial lawyer may lead to a settlement simply because you are represented by someone prepared to fight your case in court. Insurance companies tend to offer more reasonable settlements when they recognize your readiness to take the case to trial.

Secondly, when you begin your case with a trial attorney, they are more likely to invest significant resources and time into your personal injury case. This contrasts with situations where the trial attorney must split their fees with your initial lawyer, which may result in less aggressive representation. By choosing a trial attorney from the outset, you ensure your case is handled with dedication and tenacity, ultimately improving your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

An additional factor to consider is the potential conflict of interests between you and your non-trial attorney. Imagine a scenario in which you are represented by a non-trial lawyer and the insurance company offers a one-million-dollar settlement. The insurance company has a two-million-dollar policy, but they are unwilling to pay the additional million without a fight, meaning litigation or trial would be necessary.

In this situation, your non-trial attorney would receive the same amount of attorney fees whether the case is settled for one million or two million dollars after referral to a trial lawyer. In other words, if the trial attorney manages to secure a settlement or jury verdict for two million dollars, they would have to share the attorney fees with the initial lawyer. While you would receive twice the dollar amount, which is advantageous, your first attorney would end up receiving the same amount of attorney fees after a lengthy wait.

This creates a conflict of interest, as your first attorney may have an incentive to recommend settling the case for a lower amount to avoid sharing fees and waiting for the trial outcome. Consequently, it is crucial to examine your non-trial attorney's settlement recommendations with considerable scrutiny. Seeking a second opinion from a trial lawyer can help ensure that your best interests are protected in such cases.

When conducting an online search for the best personal injury attorney, be sure to include keywords such as "trial lawyer" or "trial attorney" in your search criteria. However, don't stop at this point; it is essential to verify that the trial lawyer you find online has a proven track record of trial experience.

Keep in mind that while any attorney can claim to be a trial lawyer, it is their substantial trial experience that truly matters. In essence, any licensed attorney is allowed to handle trials, but the level of trial experience is what sets them apart. It is this experience that prompts insurance companies to think twice before dismissing a reasonable claim for compensation.

Insurance companies are well aware of who is a capable trial attorney and who is not. As a result, it is crucial to interview the lawyer you choose to represent your case to ensure that they are, in fact, a skilled trial lawyer. Take the time to verify their trial experience and track record to increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome in your personal injury case.

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