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Why Insurance Companies Make Low-Ball Offers?

Personal injury cases can be a nightmare for those involved. In addition to the physical and emotional trauma caused by the injury, individuals often have to navigate a complex legal process to obtain compensation from insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for delaying and denying claims, leaving injured parties in a difficult financial position.

One reason for this delay is that insurance companies have a vested interest in holding on to the money that should be paid out for as long as possible. This money can be invested and earn interest, increasing profits for the insurance company. As a result, insurance adjusters often drag out the claims process, requesting unnecessary paperwork or scheduling endless appointments to delay the payout of funds.

In addition, insurance companies have a dual role. On one hand, they are in business to increase shareholders' value. On the other hand, the law imposes upon them a duty to defend the insured. This creates a conflict of interest for defense attorneys who work for insurance companies. Their job is to represent the interests of their clients, the insurance companies, but they also have a duty to their clients, the insured.

Furthermore, the power to settle the case is in the hands of the insurance adjuster, who dictates to the defense attorney. This can make an appearance of impropriety since attorneys are not allowed to take instructions by non-attorneys. Ultimately, it is the consumer who loses, whether they are the injured party or the party at fault.

When an individual is injured, they may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party's insurance company. However, insurance companies will often deny or delay the claim in an effort to avoid paying out the full amount owed. This can leave the injured party with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that can quickly become overwhelming.

In some cases, insurance companies will make a low-ball offer, hoping the injured party will accept a fraction of what they are owed just to end the process quickly. Other times, the insurance company will attempt to shift blame onto the injured party, claiming that their injuries are not as severe as they are claiming or that they were partially responsible for the accident.

To make matters worse, the legal process for personal injury cases can be lengthy and complicated. Injured parties are often required to submit extensive documentation and attend numerous appointments with doctors, attorneys, and insurance adjusters. All of this can be overwhelming, especially for those who are still recovering from their injuries.

In conclusion, insurance companies are notorious for delaying and denying claims, leaving injured parties in a difficult financial position. This is due in part to the dual role of insurance companies, who must balance their duty to increase profits with their duty to defend the insured. Additionally, the power to settle the case lies in the hands of the insurance adjuster, which can create a conflict of interest for defense attorneys. Ultimately, it is the consumer who loses out in this system, and it is crucial that those involved in personal injury cases seek out knowledgeable and experienced legal representation to ensure that their rights are protected.

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