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Wrongful Death of Five Innocent Persons on the 10 Freeway in Rialto

Yesterday, February 16, 2018, once again a Southern California Freeway, the 10 Freeway in Rialto, was the venue for a horrible and devastating fiery trucking accident which resulted in the wrongful death of five innocent individuals, and injuring another. A concrete truck careened through the center divider and crashed into multiple vehicles. The crash happen around 1:00 p.m. in Rialto, close to Riverside Avenue. The concrete truck was on the westbound. The accident involved four cars, a truck and the concrete truck. The heavy toll, in terms of loss of human lives, in the California Freeways is unfortunately a daily occurrence where small vehicles huddle with heavy trucks in same travel lanes. It is time for the legislature to address this issue. The occupants of smaller vehicles in trucking accidents have a small chance of survival as they are no match for heavy trucks. Assigning specific lanes for trucks and designation of special hours of the day would certainly reduce the number of fatalities. Furthermore, reducing the speed limit for the truckers will no doubt be an added benefit in reducing the number of wrongful deaths in the California Freeways. At the minimum the center dividers must be reinforced to be able to withstand impacts by heavy trucks. Until then our California Freeways continue to be dead-traps, causing numerous wrongful deaths, devastating families of innocent drivers and their passengers. These issues are continually litigated by wrongful death attorneys and trial lawyers in the California courts in an effort to recompense the family members of the decedents whose lives were wrongfully taken due to the negligent truckers and the inadequate roadways and regulations.

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