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One of the most often questions asked regarding car accidents in Los Angeles involves whether to report a vehicular accident to the police. California is the most populated state with most car accidents in the nation, and Los Angeles car accidents are the highest of any metropolitan area in the nation. So, it is no of surprise that police officers in Los Angeles are as busy with investigating car accidents as the car accident attorneys who investigate these accidents to represent their clients against the car accident insurance companies for the injuries sustained by their client in a Los Angeles car accident. It is therefore usually recommended that you exchange contact and insurance information if the accident is a minor fender bender involving no personal injury. If this is the case you do not need a auto accident lawyer to represent you, as most likely your own insurance company pays for the property damages to your vehicle, and subrogates against the party who was actually at fault for the car accident.

However, if your car accident involves a personal injury, then you should immediately contact the police while you are at the scene of the accident or have someone do it on your behalf if you cannot report your Los Angeles personal injury car accident yourself. Also, it is important to get your Los Angeles personal injury attorney involved at an early stage of your personal injury, so that your medical-legal car accident process and procedure is properly managed.

Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Majlessi can help you with your need for medical care referral and file a claim against the insurance company. And although obtaining car accident police report does usually take several weeks, your attorney can immediately order it, so that your property damage can be swiftly resolved as you are getting the medical treatment for your injuries caused by a car accident.

So, make sure when involved in an accident where you suspect you may have suffered personal injury or bodily injuries immediately call the police and get an ambulance for transportation to a hospital if necessary. Insurance companies always look for loopholes to deny or downgrade your car accident injury claim, therefore, you must protect yourself by having an experienced, capable Los Angeles police officer investigate and properly document witness statements, damages to the vehicle, and any known injuries by making and filing an appropriate report regarding your car accident.

Finally, hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. The Majlessi Law Firm is always happy to help you with your Los Angeles personal injury representation and answer any questions you may have and to make a claim for recovery of damages against the offending party's insurance company.

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