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Brain injury can be one of the most catastrophic injuries anybody can sustain. Burns, amputations, broken bones pale in comparison to the devastation that can occur to the body when the head is struck and the brain is injured. Brain injury can be very devastating because severe head injuries almost always go hand in hand with a host of other negative health problems that are persistent and life-threatening. For the best Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney, contact Art Majlessi. We believe Art Majlessi is the best Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer.

Have You Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury in Los Angeles?

Obtaining an attorney after you or a loved one sustains a brain injury is very important because recovering from brain injuries often takes quite awhile. The treatment is also extremely expensive which means that you will need money so you can recover in a peaceful environment that is as stress free as possible.

Brain injuries often occur in auto accidents and Los Angeles County is notorious for those. Even when you are wearing a seat belt and obeying the speed limit, it's possible for you to become severely injured in car accidents, especially if the person who caused the accident is being negligent. When the other party is being negligent, driving while drunk or tired or speeding despite posted speed limit signs, then the injured party is entitled to damages.

In any case, you should try to claim for damages from your insurance company, but people who have tried to do that on their own will tell you it's not the easiest thing to accomplish. Some unscrupulous insurance companies may take advantage of the trust and naïveté of their clientele and close cases for as little money as possible. After all, insurance companies are profit-orientated business entities, not charity organizations. To ensure that you receive a fair compensation, it's important to engage a good lawyer to handle your case such as ours here at Majilessi Law Firm.

Sometimes, brain injuries can cause a coma. When a person goes into a coma, there's no timetable as to when and if they will awake. The family is placed in a difficult position, especially if the coma patient is the family's breadwinner. In such as case, a cushion of safety is definitely needed. Usually, safety means money to pay for regular bills and the huge medical bills that come with long-term hospital care.

As long as the right attorney is hired, brain injury cases often result in good settlements. Recently, a man successful sued when a train derailed and sent three cars careening straight into the gas station he managed. He suffered a head injury and many bodily injuries. In the end, he was awarded over $60 million for his pain and suffering. For people who are suffering from brain injuries, it's most prudent to hire a good and experienced lawyer.

Are You Looking for the Best Brain Injury Attorney in Los Angeles?

Brain injury lawyer Art Majlessi, Majlessi Law Firm, will make sure that you receive the maximum compensation permitted under the law. Brain injury attorney Art Majlessi with years of experience that he has in handling brain injury cases is ready and able to help your brain injury case be the strongest it can be in order for you to receive a substantial brain injury settlement or brain injury jury award. Call now to speak with brain injury attorney Art Majlessi regarding your brain injury case. Consultation is free. You will meet personal injury attorney Art Majlessi in person. All costs and expenses will be advanced by brain injury lawyer Art Majlessi. You will not have to pay any fee until there has been a recovery in your brain injury case by brain injury attorney Art Majlessi.

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