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The Majlessi Law Firm is a renowned wrongful death and personal injury law firm in California. Trial attorney Art Majlessi has a proven track record of aggressive litigation.

With a population of more than 350,000, Santa Ana is the city with the highest population in Orange County, California. Located about 30 miles South of Los Angeles, Santa Ana is only about 10 miles away from the beautiful and famous California seashore, so it’s a very popular destination for holiday seekers. In a study report by the U.S. Census in 2000, the city was found to be the 4th most densely populated city within U.S. cities with a population of more than 300,000 people, only trailing New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. It’s logical that, in such a densely populated city, the chance of an accident is somewhat higher than a city with a lower density. With the inevitable traffic accidents, there in usually substantial pain and suffering for the victims. To avoid financial instability, as well as physical and emotional suffering, it is important that accident victims seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney to assist in the filing and proceedings of any personal injury lawsuit.

In legal terms, a personal injury refers to an injury to the body, emotions, or mind, of a person following a traumatic accident or event. An increasing number of personal injuries are caused by traffic accidents, but personal injuries are also caused by work-related accidents, product defects, medical accidents, home accidents, and even accidents sustained while the victim is on vacation. There are many kinds of personal injuries, including minor fractures, broken teeth, dislocations, brain injury, and spinal cord injury. If you have suffered any form of personal injury as a result of the negligence of another party, you are entitled to claim for damages and losses resulting from the event. This is why victims need a competent lawyer to handle any Santa Ana personal injury case.

Initially, a personal injury lawyer will negotiate for a settlement from your insurance and the negligent party. A capable lawyer will fight for the highest possible compensation, versus the insurance company and the negligent party, who would want to pay the lowest possible compensation. If no settlement can be reached, the attorney will move to file charges, probably uttering the famous words, “see you in court!” If a personal injury case goes to trial, a lawyer is valuable because they have the legal knowledge and background needed to effectively pursue the case and help to obtain reasonable compensation for their client..


Are You Looking for the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Ana?

Where can you find the best Santa Ana personal injury attorney? Look no further! The Majlessi Law Firm is the answer. From Los Angeles County to Orange County, and beyond; Majlessi has built a formidable reputation as one of the best personal injury law firms in the region. When you meet a Majlessi lawyer, you will see why we have consistently won major dollars for our  clients. We beleive Attorney Art Majlessi is the best personal injury attorney to handle litigation of your personal injury case.

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