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Brain injuries are serious events that can critically injure a person or even cause loss of life. Brain injuries are caused from a variety of sources, including falls, car accidents, or a blow to the head. All brain injuries, if severe enough, have the potential to cause irreparable damage to a person's mental capacity or ability to function independently. Approximately 1.7 million brain injuries occur in the United States every year, leaving patients and their families to face financial complications of hospital charges, physical therapy, or long term care. When a brain injury occurs as the result of misconduct or wrongdoing, finding a quality attorney (a lawyer with experience in personal injury) for representation can help recover some of the funds needed to meet these financial demands.

Have You Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury in Santa Monica?

A brain injury is the product of any situation that results in damage to the brain. This is typically caused by some type of strike or blow to the head. Brain injuries can vary in severity. A mild form of brain injury, called a concussion, is commonly caused by a bump on the head and can produce dizziness, headaches, memory problems, or sleep difficulties. Most people recover completely from a concussion, although there can be long term negative results. Brain injuries range in severity from mild to the more dangerous types of injury resulting from trauma to the head. A brain injury from head trauma is caused by the brain moving within the skull, and producing severe damage. A major brain injury can result in memory loss, inability to perform daily activities, or even death. After a severe brain injury, many people require hospitalization and possibly further care after discharge to regain as much of their previous skills as possible.

Are You Looking for the Best Brain Injury Attorney in Santa Monica?

In Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles County, victims of a brain injury and their families have a place to turn to for help in regaining some financial compensation after this traumatic event. An expert lawyer will help families who have suffered injuries at the negligence or wrongdoing of others. For the best care and experience in recovering funds for victims, as well as the personal service and dedication clients deserve, The Majlessi Law Firm can give an expert opinion about a case involving a brain injury. These traumatic events could result in a complex case, requiring the services of an attorney with a proven track record in order to recover much of the money that may be needed for care, therapy, or other bills. A brain injury can be a devastating situation that can seriously damage the life of the victim, but fortunately, The Majlessi Law Firm provides an attorney on the victim's side who will help them to regain what they deserve and restore much more quality of life.

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