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Glendale Car Accidents

With a population of more than 200,000 people, Glendale, California is the third biggest city in Los Angeles County and 23rd in California. If you are driving, you can get to Glendale via four freeways, namely, the Foothill Freeway, the Glendale Freeway, the Golden State Freeway, and the Ventura Freeway. Inevitably with these increasingly busy and congested roads, accidents are bound to happen. No one can anticipate their involvement in a car accident; but for those involved in accidents, it is important to seek legal representation when dealing with the legalities of filing and obtaining compensation for any injuries sustained as a result of a car accident in Glendale or any other city in California.

One of the most high profile accidents in the United States happened in Glendale in 2005. While the accident was classified as a train crash, it actually involved a train-vehicle collision. On January 26, Juan Manuel Alvarez had parked his Jeep Cherokee Sport utility vehicle on the tracks, supposedly trying to commit suicide. Failing miserably, he caused the deaths of 11 innocent commuters. In 2008, Alvarez was sentenced to serve 11 consecutive life terms in prison. In this example, it can be seen that accidents can happen to anybody, anywhere, and anytime. Understanding your rights as a victim and knowing where to turn to for help will eliminate some of the stress after an accident.

Every year, there are roughly 6 million car accidents in the United States. The figure is only going to continue to increase, due to the increased number of cars and drivers, each year. Car accident victims may suffer from a spectrum of injuries, such as brain injury, bone fractures, back injuries, or other life-threatening injuries. For most people, the major concern is the welfare of themselves and their families, but the high medical costs would certainly bring about some level of trauma, especially when surgeries have to be performed and the recuperation period is long; this is exactly why legal expertise of an experienced attorney is so crucial.

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you is a step in the right direction to getting the compensation and reimbursement needed to continue caring for family and taking care of costly medical expenses as a result of an accident. A lawyer will interview the witnesses, get the necessary reports from the doctors, prepare all the documents; generally, do everything necessary on your behalf in a professional manner, so that you will end up with reasonable compensation. Some people shy away from lawyers because they think that they have to pay a lot of money to engage their services. Not true. If a Majlessi lawyer decides to fight your case, they will only get paid when you win s pending lawsuit or compensation claim; so there's really no risk at all of paying out of pocket expenses for their services. If you are in Glendale and you have suffered personal injuries in a car accident due to another party's negligence, call the Majlessi Law Firm.

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