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Famous Wrongful Murder Convictions

The primary purpose of establishing a legal system is to uphold justice for citizens, but there are times when legal authorities make mistakes, and they wrongfully convict innocent people for crimes that they did not commit. Wrongful murder convictions are not uncommon in the US and other countries around the world, and some victims had to serve long prison sentences before they were proven innocent in court. With the advent of DNA testing, the legal system in the US has become more accurate in judging criminals, and 232 innocent convicts have benefited from DNA exonerations. Here is a list of some famous wrongful murder convictions.

First Wrongful Murder Conviction in the US: A detailed account of how Jesse and Stephen Boorn were wrongfully convicted of murder.

Wrongful Convictions of Kenneth Adams and William Rainge: Comprehensive information on the wrongful murder and rape conviction of Kenneth Adams and William Rainge in 1979.

High-Profile Wrongful Murder Convictions in Canada: An article that provides brief descriptions of the most famous wrongful murder convictions in Canada.

The Innocent Cardiff Three: Articles that discuss the wrongful convictions of three British men, who were accused of brutally murdering a prostitute.

Overturned Conviction of Robert Lee Stinson: Report on the overturned conviction of Robert Lee Stinson, who spent 23 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder.

Andrew Mallard Freed after 12 Years in Prison: The story of the wrongful murder conviction of Australian man Andrew Mallard.


Justice for Earl Washington: Account of the wrongful murder conviction of Earl Washington.

The Story of Randall Adams: Articles that provide information about the wrongful conviction of Randall Adams as well as his life after release from prison.

Twice Wrongfully Convicted of Murder: An interesting account of how an innocent man called Ray Krone was convicted twice of murdering a 36-year-old woman.

Laurence Adams Freed from Death Row: Information about the release of Laurence Adams, who spent 30 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder.

Police Torture and Wrongful Conviction: A story that reveals how the Chicago police tortured Ronald Kitchen into making a false confession that he was guilty of murder.

The Search for Justice: An article that describes Steven Truscott’s struggle for freedom after he was wrongfully convicted of murder about 50 years ago.

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