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Increase Your Financial Knowledge

The American financial system is governed by federal agencies designed to keep the economy moving and encourage the prosperity of United States citizens. Even with these safeguards in place, economic downturns occur. In mid-2008, the housing market in the United States collapsed because of risky lending practices. Late 2008 saw the arrival of a recession that resulted in an over 10% unemployment rate, massive job losses, a manufacturing slow-down and poor retail sales. By becoming knowledgeable about the federal banking system, the stock market, regulatory organizations and laws, and by staying informed about the day-to-day changes in the economic environment, consumers can arm themselves to weather financial crises and plan for the future.




Exchange Rates

Governing Bodies



Mutual Funds

Stock Market

  • NASDAQ: The National Association of Securities and Dealers Automated Quotation official web site.
  • NYSE: The New York Stock Exchange.
  • Understanding Common Investments: Explains the various types of stocks and common terminology.
  • DOW: Up-to-date Dow Jones indices.
  • S&P: Standard & Poor's official indices.


Useful Journals

Useful Websites

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