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Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents

People seldom hear about pedestrian accidents, save for the really horrible ones that end up being splashed across the morning newspapers. Many people tend to forget about pedestrian accidents because vehicle accidents are so much more high profile, and sometimes more damaging. This doesn't mean that pedestrian accidents should be ignored. In fact, pedestrian accidents are fraught with examples of people who were severely injured but did not obtain a personal injury attorney when they should have, meaning that they might not have been awarded the compensation they deserved for their pain, suffering, and medical expenses, i.e.: for their personal injury case. For the best Pedestrian Accident Attorney contact the Majlessi Law Firm. We believe Art Majlessi is the best Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

Los Angeles County is as notorious for its traffic as it is famous for its celebrities. No matter the time or date, whether it is 2:00 AM on December 25, or 2:00 PM on a random Thursday afternoon, there are people on Los Angeles' streets and roadways. Unfortunately, some drivers are, for whatever reason, incapable of practicing defensive and cautious driving. Some drive when they're drunk, or when they're tired, or under a number of unsafe condition, and are unable to give their full attention to driving safely. This often results not just in vehicular accidents, but pedestrian accidents as well; which are almost always extremely devastating for the victim.

Pedestrian versus vehicle accidents are usually much more deadly because a person's body has little to no resistance against a fast-moving vehicle. Even when a car is only going at 20 or 25 miles per hour, if they happen to hit a pedestrian, that can result in catastrophic, life-changing injuries that nobody can possibly prepare for. Brain injuries, spinal injuries, and wrongful deaths are quite common, as well as broken bones. Pedestrian accident injuries are not only life-threatening, but they can bring about coma, paralysis, or death. Victims of pedestrian injury accidents usually have to spend a long period of time recuperating, or they may sustain further injuries from strain, which can last for a few months, or longer. Pedestrian injury accident victims with multiple broken bones may have to go through months of surgeries and bed rest to full recovery.

These accidents usually result in substantial medical bills, which is why you should always obtain a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your pedestrian injury accident. If you are in Los Angeles County, you can drop by at personal injury attorney Art Majlessi, the Majlessi Law Firm's office in West Los Angeles, or you can call the Majlessi Law Firm for a review of your pedestrian accident case. Personal injury Art Majlessi has an excellent track record of substantial recovery for pedestrian injury accident cases in the Los Angeles area. Personal injury attorney Art Majlessi is fully committed to achieve the best compensation for your pedestrian injury case. Personal injury Art Majlessi will meet you in person to discuss your pedestrian injury case. Consultation is free. Personal injury Art Majlessi, the Majlessi Law Firm, will advance all costs and expenses. You will not be charge any fee until there is a recovery in your pedestrian injury case by attorney Art Majlessi.

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