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Pasadena Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are often more detrimental to the victims involved than a car-to-car accident might be. Whether the cars are big or small, pedestrian accident injuries can range from minor to severe, resulting in cuts, bruises, brain injury, and fatalities. Despite the repeated, and countless, campaigns to instill safe driving habits in today's motorists, it's inevitable that accidents still occur at an increasing annual rate, due to the shear volume of drivers on the roads, especially in larger cities, such as Pasadena. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, it's best to look for an attorney right away.

In 2008, the Pasadena Star News reported a pedestrian accident involving a family of three and a reckless driver in a Nissan Altima. Having just arrived in California the previous day, the young family was enjoying the many charms of Pasadena when they came to the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. As they were crossing the street, the Nissan Altima ran the red light and crashed into a Toyota Corolla, causing it to hit the family. The 7-year old boy and his father suffered severe injuries while the mother escaped with minor injuries, but she was emotionally damaged, worrying about the condition of her son and husband. This accident is no different than hundred that occur across the U.S. every day, it was avoidable and cause irreparable damage.

If a victim is interested in pressing charges against a negligent driver after an accident, they should hire a lawyer who has extensive experience in handling pedestrian accidents. Preparing for such a case requires a lot of investigation and paper work, too much for an injured victim to undertake on their own while trying to recuperate from their injuries. Without the help of a lawyer, it's quite impossible for the victims to fight for justice on their own, especially after they have gone through such a traumatic accident, many people simply do not have the full understanding of the law that is needed to successful litigate an accident claim in court or negotiate with insurance companies effectively. Other than the high medical bills, there are also the loss of income, and other expenses which may result from an accident. These extensive and unexpected debts should not fall on the shoulders of the victims, instead, they should be the responsibility of the person or organization responsible for the victim's pain and suffering after an accident.

In Los Angeles County, there's only one place you need to go to find the best Pasadena pedestrian accident attorney, The Majlessi Law Firm. After winning thousands of personal injury cases, you can be sure that we are totally committed to winning the best compensation for all of our clients. Through the years, we have established ourselves as one of the top pedestrian law firm in the region.

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