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Wrongful Death? Have you been injured and need legal help?
You've come to a passionate wrongful death and personal injury law firm with a proven record of aggressive litigation.

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Renowned Personal Injury Law Firm

The Majlessi Law Firm is a renowned wrongful death and personal injury law firm in California. Trial attorney Art Majlessi has a proven track record of aggressive litigation.

The trauma and pain of being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. In addition to your physical and emotional pain and suffering, you are forced to deal with loss of employment income, medical bills, future income and continual medical care.

At the Los Angeles personal injury offices of the Majlessi Law Firm, we take charge of these issues and fight the insurance companies to get you the money you need for your current and future needs. Motorcycle accidents are exceptionally dangerous and often cause very serious injuries.  The injuries suffered are often catastrophic and we have negotiated successful insurance claims for past clients.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you can be assured that our entire Los Angeles personal injury legal team use all of its resources to build a case that we will take to court if necessary to get you the best settlement possible.  Throughout our years of experience we know first-hand that motorcycle accidents can have result in especially serious injuries.  There are special circumstances related to motorcycle accidents.  And when we meet with you and evaluate you case we will discuss these matters as they apply to your particular case.

The Majlessi Law Firm prepares all personal injury cases as if they will go to trial. We have the experience to aggressively and successfully represent our clients before a jury of their peers.  Insurance Agencies know about our reputation and offer our clients the best settlements.

Our investigation will include interviewing of witnesses, reviewing of the other driver's driving records, gathering of police reports, and whatever else is required to win your case.

We look forward to helping you get the money you deserve.  We will aggressively and relentlessly litigate your case to achieve a successful and substantial recovery. Contact us today, there is no charge unless there is a recovery.

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