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Los Angeles has one the heaviest vehicular traffics anywhere in the nation and without a doubt the heaviest traffic in California.  As a result rear-end accidents are part of everyday life of drivers in Los Angeles.  Although, most accidents result in no injury, many do result in serious neck and back injuries.  Even in low speed impacts personal injury is likely as evidenced by scientific studies regarding rear-end accident injuries. 

Insurance companies often deny your injury claim based on what you failed to do after the accident.

If you are injured in a rear-end accident in Los Angeles do the following to protect your health and your personal injury claim:

  1. Tell the investigating police officer of your personal injury and pain
    Police officers document in the police report whether you claimed injury and pain at the scene of the accident.  Insurance companies bank on the fact that you failed to mention to the investigating police officer that you suffered personal injury.  Insurance companies through their lawyers tell the jurors that you were not injured, that if you were you would have let the investigating officer know of your pain and personal injury.
  2. Do not refuse ambulance transportation to the hospital
    If you are injured don’t refuse ambulance transportation.  Insurance companies argue through their lawyers to the jury that if you were really injured you would have used an ambulance to go to the hospital, that an ambulance was available for you to use but you refused because you were not injured.
  3. Do not get on the phone with defendant’s insurance company and don’t provide a recorded statement
    Within days of the accident you may get a call from defendant’s insurance company.  They will ask you questions regarding the accident and if they find the information beneficial they will ask you to allow them to record your statement regarding the accident.  At this juncture you don’t know the extent of your personal injuries, so as many people do, you would downplay your injury or downright deny it.  Then within a few days or weeks the minor pain has turned into an unbearable pain.  A visit to a doctor shows that you have suffered from a serious injury to your spine.  The insurance company has your recorded statement and has the adjuster whom you gave a recorded statement ready to testify against you that you confessed that you did not suffer from personal injury.  The insurance companies through their lawyers use your own words before a jury to attack your personal injury claim as fraudulent claim.

If you follow these 3 simple steps after and auto accident you will be in an excellent position to receive a personal injury claims settlement from a rear end collision.


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