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Has your child been involved in a school bus accident? These tragic accidents are among the worst of auto accidents because of young children being involved. It is important to have a strong legal team on your side who will vigoursly represent you in order to make sure that you obtain the most money possible for the immediate care of the injuries as well as for future medical complications that could continue throughout their lives.

A school bus accident could involve an official school bus or any other vehicle that is used to transport children to school or to any other educational related event. The bus could be owned by the school system or may be contracted from an outside source.

As in all vehicle accidents, it is important that all evidence be promptly preserved as well as a complete investigation be made in order to ensure that evidence is preserved. In addition to the immediate treatment of injuries the doctors involved need to be interviewed to establish the extent of the injuries. Also other expert witnesses need to be brought in in order to establish the liability of all parties involved. If your child has been a victim of a school bus accident contact The Majlessi Law Firm today. Even if you have a valid claim it is essential that a lawsuit be filed promptly in order to establish your claim before the statute of limitations expires.

School bus accidents in the news:


Keeping Kids Safe on the School Bus

School buses are getting a lot of attention lately because of a string of accidents. In the past month there have been accidents in cities across the nation.. In addition to these accidents there were many other minor ones.

One of those accidents happened this week in Waterloo. The school bus was taking a load of students to Central Middle School Tuesday morning when it had to stop quickly for a snow plow and then got rear-ended by a small pick-up.

Tuesday's bus accident is described as minor by police and the school, but one parent we talked to claims the school didn't take appropriate action soon enough. At the time of the accident, only one student complained of pain, he was cleared by the school nurse.

But Jacquet Wilder's daughter was sore later that night.

"I said what's rang and she said I got into a bus accident today. And I got hysterical and I said are you okay. And I can't believe I didn't get any contact and I immediately checked my cell phone and my house phone to see if I had any messages I missed," said Wilder.

Doctors diagnosed 12-year-old Brooklyn Lee with a strained muscle in her back and neck area. She's been out of school since Wednesday and starts physical therapy next week.

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