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Torrance Car Accidents

With its moderate climate and comparatively slower pace of life, Torrance is one of the more family-orientated cities in Los Angeles County. For people who are looking to build their careers, there are lots opportunities in Torrance, as multinational corporations like Toyota Motor Sales and American Honda have their U.S. headquarters here. Even as a fairly safe area, car accidents happen in Torrance, just like everywhere else. If you have suffered a car accident in Torrance, California, it’s highly advisable that you get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

On the morning of Thanksgiving in 2008, a truly dreadful car accident occurred in Torrance. Getting out of his van, David Reichle was just about to greet his friend on the sidewalk when suddenly, a jeep crashed into him, causing serious injuries. Five days, later, David passed away. His wife, Deborah Reichle, fully believed that the Torrance Police Department would carry out a fair investigation, so that justice would prevail. Unfortunately, the driver of the jeep was only given a minor traffic citation. Now, Deborah is left alone to care for her three children as a single parent. On top of that, she’s also burdened with the costs of the accident, the funeral bills, attorney bills, and other expenses.

Deborah’s case, shows just how important it is to hire a competent and experienced lawyer when anyone is involved in a car accident. The burden of proof always lies with the plaintiff. Only a professional and experienced lawyer will take the extra step to interview the key witnesses, gather all the necessary evidence, and perform all other tasks to ensure that you get maximum compensation.

If you are involved in a Torrance car accident, due to the negligence of another party, contact the Majlessi Law Firm right away. Car accident cases can be very complicated, so you will need the attorneys who are capable of giving their best effort in the business to ensure the most favorable outcome. The Majlessi Law Firm has carved a solid reputation as a personal injury law firm that aggressively pursues client's case through litigation and settlement. Call for a free consultation and you will see the difference for yourself. Through the years, the Majlessi Law Firm has resolved thousands of cases, winning millions of dollars in compensation.

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