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Torrance Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injury or death, and they can occur because of the negligence or recklessness of motorists. In cases where a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle because of a driver's negligence, the victim can file for a lawsuit to get compensation for losses that are incurred as a result of injuries sustained during the accident. When seeking legal representation, it is essential to look for a lawyer who is experienced in pedestrian accident litigation, because an experienced lawyer will know how to get the best possible compensation for the victim.

The injuries that result from a pedestrian accident can range from a small bruise to serious physical impairment that can affect a person for life. If the injury causes a bone fracture or serious head injury, it can also render the victim unfit to perform work responsibilities, and this may cause the victim to lose wages or their employment. Medical costs for treating injuries also adds to the victim's financial woes. An adequate compensation from the insurance company will certainly help solve the financial problems incurred after an accident or injury, and it also allows the victim to obtain appropriate medical treatment, so that the victim can recover in a shorter time.

Pedestrian accident victims in Torrance, California can contact The Majlessi Law Firm to help them gain appropriate compensation for pain and suffering in the event of an accident. This firm has handled numerous pedestrian injury cases in Torrance, and it has an admirable record of success. The lawyers of the firm will collect the necessary evidence and witness statements to prove that you are a victim of negligence, and they will work to get each victim the compensation that they deserve. Whether the accident is caused by drunk driving, disobedience to traffic rules, inattentiveness, or over-speeding, your Majlessi attorney will provide sufficient evidence to the court to prove that the motorist involved is responsible for each victims sustained injuries.

It is advisable that you do not let your insurance company decide how much compensation you should receive. Insurance companies make profit by giving minimum compensation to accident victims, and your insurance provider may try encourage you to settle for a small amount of compensation. Furthermore, they may also delay payment as long as they can, and this does not help your financial situation, especially when you have medical bills to pay. Majlessi Law Firm has a great reputation among insurance companies in Los Angeles County, and they work with your insurance company to make sure that each victim is properly cared for.

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