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California law requires operators of electric scooters to use the roadways with speed limit of 35 mph or slower if there is no bicycle lane; scooters must be ridden on bicycle lanes and if no bicycle lane exists must be ridden as close to the right-hand curb as possible. The law prohibits the use of electric scooters on the sidewalk. An operator of a scooter must wear a helmet if under 18 years of age. No insurance is required to operate a scooter. Scooters need not be registered.

Unfortunately, the law is routinely ignored by operators. Often, we see scooters being ridden on the sidewalks. Many young children use scooters. Serious injuries can occur while using a scooter as the operator's body is not protected as it would be in a car. Scooter accidents are more prevalent when the operators ignore the law.

Scooter are known to breakdown if not properly operated thus causing serious injuries including death.

Most injuries occur when a scooter runs into a pedestrian on the sidewalk. In case of an injury, you should obtain the driver's license information of the rider, and if none any other form of identification including any car and homeowner's insurance policy information in case such policies may have coverage for scooter accidents. Depending on your car insurance coverage you may be able to make a claim against your own insurance policy if there is no insurance coverage available through the negligent rider. Your last resort is to go after the rider's personal assets.

In case of a scooter accident where a loved one's life is lost due to a wrongful death, or serious injuries, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney, preferably one with trial experience handling serious injury and wrongful death accident cases. The Majlessi Law Firm scooter accident lawyers can help anyone with scooter accident wrongful death claim or personal injury scooter collision.

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