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Can iPhone Cause Brain Cancer?

Can iPhone cause brain injury? The brain injury or brain cancer concern is on the minds of many iPhone users (more so with people who suffer from a degenerative brain disease or cancer) as iPhone (cell phone) usage has increased dramatically year over year. The pressing issue surrounds electric magnetic frequency (EMF) generated by iPhone. EMF is all around us and we are all expose to it. We cannot see EMF, as it is an invisible radiation, and even if we could see it we cannot avoid it. EMF is strongest and most intense at the source of emission, i.e. iPhone, cell towers, radio antennas, etc. It is well established however that an uninterrupted exposure to high frequency EMFs, such as x-rays and gamma rays is cancer causing. These type of high frequency EMFs are ionizing radiation and thus can cause damage to cells and DNA. So what kind of EMF is transmitted by iPhone? The answer is non-ionizing radiation. It is widely believed that non-ionizing radiation is not cancer causing. If the belief was otherwise the whole world would enter a hysterical spin that it could probably never recover from. Why? Because many instruments that we regularly use and rely on in our daily lives emit non-ionizing radiation, for example power lines, computer, radio antenna, TV broadcast antenna, WiFi, microwave antenna, and yes even iPhone and other cell phones are all non-ionizing EMF devices. "Ion" is a molecule or atom that can gain or lose more electrons thus creating a net electric charge. "Ionization" is the process by way of which an atom or molecule gains or loses electrons thus acquiring a negative or positive charge. "Non-ionizing" EMF is a radiation that does not carry adequate energy to ionize an atom or molecule, i.e remove or add electrons to an atom or molecule.

Over the past 15 years studies have failed to link cancer conclusively with the use of cell phones, although there are some studies that suggest that there may be a link between glioma (type of brain cancer), and heavy use of cell phones. A more recent study by Dr. Igor Yakmenko of The National Sciences of Ukraine suggest that radio frequency exposure results in oxidative stress which he claims could cause Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, even headaches and skin irritation. Oxidative stress is a process that is claimed to be directly linked to degenerative diseases.

The 13 country INTRPHONE study suggested the possibility of increased risk of glioma, a type of brain cancer, but could not definitely conclude that it is probable. The Danish study which considered about 400,000 people during 13 years concluded that cell phone use cannot be associated with an increased risk of brain tumors. Also in United Kingdom a study which covered 800,000 women during a seven year period did not find any link between cell phone use and brain tumors. Nevertheless one organization the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified Radio Frequency field as "possibly carcinogenic to humans", which includes cell phones. However none of the agencies in the United States has declared that use of cell phones could cause cancer or brain injury.

So until such a day that there are more conclusive studies, there are no indications that long term use of cell phones is cancer causing or could cause brain injuries. But it never hurts to be cautious and careful, so use of hand free devices is recommended. By Art Majlessi, Trial Attorney ©

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