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Medical Education and Malpractice

Physicians know that their first goal is to make sure their patients are not in any discomfort, and that they are treated in the best manner possible. Unfortunately, whether due to accidents, mistakes, or miscommunication, many people either die or encounter more health problems due to medical malpractice. This is becoming such a common problem that patients know sue their doctors, the hospital, and sometimes the staff as well for pain and suffering. These malpractice lawsuits have become so commonplace, that many doctors will actually just settle the problem out of court, or even offer patients monetary compensation up front before the problem worsens and escalates into a court-based lawsuit. Medical malpractice is now being integrated into the medical educational curriculum so that doctors can be aware of the implications, and so that they can be prepared and take precautions. Because of this new element in medical related education, those who are interested in the field must be made aware of the problems that have happened in the past and how they can keep it from happening to them.

It is very important for doctors to know the difference between an adverse health-related problems such as a side effect from medication, and a problem that was actually caused by their negligence or the negligence of someone on their staff. There have been actual cases where doctors cut off someone's leg, when they were really in surgery for a simple kidney stone removal. Things like this can and do happen, so doctors must be vigilant and aware of the patients they are treating. Having a good communication procedure with staff is essential. The nurses are the first line of defense when treating patients, because they fill the doctor in with the basic patient information. Many hospitals will now actually mark the patient on the area being operated on with a marker, and most use electronic bracelets that have a bar code identifying the patient. Small, yet extremely important changes in procedures like this can do wonders in preventing malpractice cases from happening. The true first step is when malpractice information is passed on in medical education. There are now special college courses that focus solely on malpractice-related issues. These courses can show potential doctors and nurses how to help keep accidents and mistakes from happening in advance.

Malpractice cases can range from a simple misdiagnosis to something much more serious, like death. It can affect old and young. New guidelines are constantly being updated and added to medical education curriculum, so that all physicians are aware of things to look for. It is their job to ensure that patients stay healthy, and that the diagnosis of diseases are accurate. This is also applicable to surgery. With proper medical malpractice related education, those working in the medical field can prevent or lessen the devastating effects of medical malpractice. Methods for education have changed, issuing new, stricter guidelines in many cases, especially when dealing with the elderly, surgical procedures, and drug prescriptions for those who are ill. It is imperative that these guidelines are not only taught but followed, so that the safety of patients is protected, and the doctors who treat them are also protected against tedious and time consuming malpractice suits.

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