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Multimillion Dollars Verdict Expected In Water Death Case

A radio station responsible for the wrongful death of a woman who was acutely intoxicated by excessive water intake would be facing a multimillion dollars verdict. Although the jury has not yet decided the final outcome of the case, the plaintiff's lawyer in the case has asked for an award of $24 to $34 million dollars. Such an award would not be a deterrent nor is it intended to be a deterrent against any future reckless conduct by the defendant or others similarly situated.

The intent of the jury award would be to compensate the family of the victim for the loss they suffered, the two children and the husband of the 28-year old victim. The jury cannot consider punitive damages, an award to punish, but can raise the amount of the compensatory damages so much so that it would have the same effect, and thereby send a message out, not only to the radio station defendant but to others, to abstain from promoting such reckless contests.

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