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The Majlessi Law Firm is a renowned wrongful death and personal injury law firm in California. Trial attorney Art Majlessi has a proven track record of aggressive litigation.

We live in a dangerous world; there's just no way around that fact, and those that live in high traffic areas are at an elevated risk of injury from car accidents. Unfortunately, fast cars and irresponsible driving practices may put innocent people in the hospital. While some accidents can be relatively minor, other accidents can be so serious that car accident victims are hospitalised, or even killed. For the more severe accidents, it's often best for the victim and the victim's family to obtain the services of a reputable attorney to look after their best interests. For the best representation contact the Majlessi Law Firm. It is our belief that Attorney Art Majlessi is the best Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer.

Have You Suffered Injuries Because of a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

Car accidents are extremely common in Los Angeles, because it's a city packed tight with millions of people each in a hurry and sometimes unwilling to practice defensive driving techniques. In fact, recent data clearly shows just how frequent car accidents are in Los Angeles County. According to National Safety Council, in 2016 40,200 traffic deaths were caused by car accidents and car crash pedestrian collisions in the United States, and Los Angeles car accident deaths has increased year over year, trending higher than the national average. The fact is that after any kind injury or death in an accident, hiring a personal injury attorney is crucial. A lawyer will sort through the government agencies paperworks, takes care all filings, obtains the accident report, opens insurance claims, makes referral to medical specialists, files a lawsuit, and finally settles the case or takes the case to trial, and follows through to collect on the judgment.

Injuries caused by car accidents can be extremely traumatic, both emotionally and financially. The majority of accidents don't result in death, instead many victims sustain major injuries that affects their quality of life permanently. Serious injuries can prevent victims of car accidents from working, which can be disastrous if the victims are main source of income for their families. Even if a victim is not the primary money earner in his/her family, others may have to dip into their savings in order to stay afloat. This is the foremost reason why you should always obtain the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles for your car accident case. A car accident attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. If someone drives recklessly and injures you, you shouldn't be the one to suffer.

Are You Looking For The Best Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles?

If you are a victim of a car accident in Los Angeles and you have been injured you can contact our personal injury attorney Art Majlessi. The Majlessi Law Firm has represented thousands of personal injury victims, recovering substantial settlements and jury verdicts. We are among the most successful car accident attorneys in Los Angeles County. Call personal injury attorney Art Majlessi to discuss your car accident case. Consultation regarding your car accident injury case is always free. We will advance all costs and expenses. Art Majlessi, Esq. will meet with you in person to discuss your personal injury case. You will not be charged any fees until there is a recovery in your case.

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